City Is my playground
City Is my playground
Empowering you to move, connect and play more in your city




The workout experiences that City is my Playground leads are genuinely fresh and innovative



Expect a fun fitness adventure which takes place in your city, your surroundings, to look at them in a new light, taking you outside the comfort of the studio letting you rediscover your creativity and sense of play. We explore the central areas of your city in all her glory. We will use the street furniture that we stumble across on our city exploration to stretch, strengthen and create our own form of body art. Contact us HERE to find out more details about how to book your very own City is my Playground experience for your friends or with your colleagues.

Benefits of a CIMPLAY workout

  1. C-onfidence building

  2. I-nspired connection to self and the city you live in

  3. M-ental resilience improves

  4. P-romotes sense of play and an opportunity to release your inner child

  5. L-evels of stress decreased through the release of feel good endorphines

  6. A-wareness of self and others is strengthened

  7. Y-ou get a chance to be YOU and express YOUR uniqueness